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    Benefits of Eating Breakfast

    Last updated 1 month ago

    While there are plenty of reasons why people skip breakfast, it’s a meal that  provides important advantages that can lead to better physical and mental health. Watch this video to learn about the benefits of eating breakfast.

    If you want to control your weight, it is better to eat breakfast than to skip a meal. If you do skip breakfast, you are likely to make up for it at lunch by eating too much food and consuming extra calories. Eating a balanced breakfast can provide a boost in terms of both physical and mental energy so you can start your day with a clear mind and a healthy body.

    Experience the benefits of eating breakfast at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. We specialize in delicious Baja-style Mexican food, served by friendly people, and our breakfast selections are served all day! If you would like to know more about us, give us a call at (817) 624-8226 or head over to our website to learn about our restaurants. 

    How to Enjoy a Family Dinner Outside of the House

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Most people don’t want to cook a meal for the family after coming home from a long day at work. They would much rather enjoy a meal at a Baja-style Mexican food restaurant! Getting out of the house for dinner can be difficult when you have children, but these tips will help you plan the perfect family meal outside of the house.

    Choose a Family-Friendly Restaurant

    Finding a restaurant that everyone loves can be difficult…that’s is why it’s important to choose a restaurant that will welcome all members of your family. Formal dining establishments tend to prefer maintaining an adults-only atmosphere, but casual restaurants are more inviting for a wider range of ages. Ask friends or go online to find some family-friendly restaurants in your area.

    Check the Children’s Menu Online

    Do you remember having to visit a restaurant to see their menu? Those days are long gone! Now you can easily look at a restaurant’s menu on their website before you make your decision about where to eat. Find  some family-friendly options, visit their websites to see their children’s menus, and pick a restaurant that has food your children will love.

    Celebrate With Dessert

    After enjoying a delicious meal paired with good behavior from the kids, your family can celebrate by ordering dessert! This sweet treat will serve as a reward for your children, inspiring them to keep up the good behavior during any future restaurant visits.

    Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a great choice for the whole family! Discover our amazing selection of Baja-style Mexican food by viewing our regular menu and children’s menu on our website. Learn more about our fish tacos and other Baja-style Mexican favorites by calling us at (817) 624-8226.

    History of the Sandwich

    Last updated 1 month ago

    For many years  the sandwich has been one of the most popular forms of food that can be enjoyed for any meal of the day! But the sandwich did not always have the popularity it has now, and it has taken quite some time to earn its stellar reputation in the food world.

    The very first record of a sandwich-like food game in the 1st century BC. The sandwiches that we know and love found their first set of fans in taverns in the Netherlands in the 17th century. But it wasn’t until John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich, became a fan that the sandwich got its name.  Watch this video to find out how the sandwich earned the reputation it has today.

    Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is home to delicious Baja-style Mexican food, include our jumbo sandwiches! Give us a call at (817) 624-8226 or visit our website at to learn more about our brand and to find one of our locations. 

    Why Is Breakfast So Important?

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Breakfast has the reputation of being the most important meal of the day, and for good reason—a proper breakfast can provide energy and nutrients, and can help to improve your day. Relax with a nice breakfast on the patio and find out why breakfast is so important. 


    After a full night of sleep you may wake up feeling refreshed, but your body will need fuel to carry on throughout the morning. It is important to eat soon after waking up since you did not eat throughout the night. Maximize your energy by eating a breakfast that is high in carbohydrates and fiber, but  try to avoid breakfasts high in fat. Oatmeal, cereal, and coffee can all improve your energy levels while offering significant health benefits.


    Many breakfast foods contain important nutrients that are not present in other foods.. Fruits, cereal, and dairy products like milk contain calcium, potassium, and fiber that may not work their way into your diet if you skip breakfast. Eating breakfast can also help you control your cholesterol levels and improve memory as well as attention.


    Eating breakfast every once in a while may be preferable to skipping it every day, but the real health benefits show up when you eat breakfast on a consistent basis. Get in the habit of eating when you wake up, and make sure it is something you enjoy. Sometimes it helps to vary your breakfast so you don’t get tired of the same meal every day. Make it a concrete part of your routine to eat breakfast every day, and you will see improvements in your lifestyle.

    Start your day on the right foot with breakfast at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. We serve Baja-style Mexican food in a relaxed and welcoming environment, and serve breakfast selections all day! If you would like to know more about Fuzzy’s, feel free to give us a call at (817) 624-8226 or visit our website. We have many locations, so stop by your local Fuzzy’s and enjoy our breakfast today.

    The Best Menu Options to Top with Fuzzy's Butt Burnin' Hot Sauce®

    Last updated 3 months ago

    If you cannot get enough spice in your food, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has your fix with our Fuzzy’s Butt Burnin’ Hot Sauce®. While this sauce definitely is flavorful, it should not scare you away with its catchy name. It will certainly add some mild heat to your favorite Fuzzy’s foods, but also offers a unique pepper flavor that you will want to enjoy again and again.

    At Fuzzy’s, we like to put our sauce on just about everything we make, but it is particularly good applied drop by drop to our famous tacos, burritos, and breakfast dishes. To warm up your palate before a big meal, you might mix our Butt Burnin’ Sauce with our fire roasted salsa and chow down on a plate of chips.

    To enjoy our delicious sauce and Baja-style Mexican food, find a Fuzzy’s Taco Shop location by visiting our website today. You can also connect with us at (817) 624-8226. 

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